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Bin Activator

Carbon steel, stainless steel, and square section, automate…

Big Bag/FIBC

Filling big bags, emptying big bags, densifying table…

Spare Parts

Compensators/connection sleeves, hangers, unbalance motors…


Transport screws, dosing screws, custom screws…

Special Projects

Custom full installation, frames, hoppers, weighing, control boxes…


With over 30 years of experience in the assembly of different types of stainless and carbon steel for various industries, ISERCO studies and offers a full range of suitable equipment.
The Bin Activator is an industrial specialty for which there is no bibliography. Its qualities are rooted in years of observation across all industrial families. The effectiveness of Iserco allows responding directly to the customer’s need by the know-how of the production plant.
Integrating the Iserco team in his profession leads to have a deep and strong experience in industry for over 30 years.
Our range of products uses the latest technology both for their design (3D software) and for their production (plasma welding).

THE making

Since 2005, carbon steel and stainless steel fabrications are completely separate. If at the beginning, our production of stainless steel units was 10 – 15%, today it represents nearly 70%. Each device, from a library of standard components, is designed as an original set.
The laser at the start of all production receives the corresponding computer files for the needs of manufacturing. The components cut in 2D will then be transformed in 3D using numerical control machines. Before automated welding, assembly remains a manual operation requiring experience of our operators. Stainless steel units are pickled, passivated by immersion. The steel units, after a shot blasting SA 2,5, can be painted in the color of your choice.

Big Bag
Bin activator
Bin activator

Our latest executions

Big Bag

Food industry field

Set of Big bag dischargers (VID BAG)  integrated in a support frame made of SS.

VID BAG equipped with ISERCLOSE (partial or half-part discharge). Day-bins with bin activators equipped with outlet revolving system (easy cleaning).



Bin activator

Chemical area

Industrial plastic

Installation of a stainless steel assembly including a tilting mechanism to facilitate the cleaning of the interior of the bin activator.

Bin activator
ST37.2 Ø2100

Recycling Field

Smokes Reprocessing

Bin activator made of mild steel, equipped with an option dedicated to insulation.