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Bag emptying hopper for good flowability product

Bag emptying hooper for good flowability product

ISERCO offers a wide range of custom-made bag hoppers that are adapted to the needs of each industry sector and to the demands of our customers.

The composition of a bag hopper without options is as follows:

  • An access door on gas cylinders with inductive sensors secured by two locks. This system avoids any sudden closing of the door.
  • A support shelf to facilitate bag placement
  • A bag emptying chamber with removable grid
  • A square/circular hopper allows the elimination of product retention in the corners of conventional square hoppers.

The options available for a bag emptying hopper for emptying a product with a good flowability are :

  • A handle for maneuvering
  • A mechanical lump breaker to break up the clods that have formed during storage in bags
  • Handling wheels
  • An empty bag evacuation system
  • Process connection system operation
Empty bag hopper with a vibration systemBag emptying hopper with a vibrating system

Bag emptying hooper for poor flowability product

Poor flowability of a bagged product is usually caused by its cohesive and clogging nature.
It can also be caused by the humid environment in which the bags are stocked before unpacking.

There are 2 types of bag emptying hoppers: the bag emptying hopper alone and the bag emptying hopper integrated into a big bag emptying system which is able to receive 2 forms of containers: the big bag and the bag emptying system.

The bag hopper is used to empty bulk products conditioned in bags.
ISERCO offers a wide range of custom-made bag emptying hoppers, which are adapted to the requirements of the industry and the needs of our customers.

When a product contained in a bag has poor flowability, ISERCO offers solutions to help its discharge. In fact, the bag emptying hopper has several options to facilitate the emptying of the bag.

The following options are available:

  • A suction and cleaning system
  • A vibration system for easy product flow.
  • Fishtails inside the hopper

The bag emptying hopper, integrated into the big bag emptying station, is designed to empty the bags manually. The cover is held by gas cylinders. It is equipped with a dust exhaust connection or for connection of a filter bag, and a high-level probe. The bag emptying hopper is placed under a vibrating hopper, which is isolated from it to avoid resonance. The vibrated hopper allows for easy product extraction.

ISERCO empty-bag hoppers are made of stainless steel.

Station de vidange avec trémie vide-sac

Emptying station with bag hopper

Emptying station with bag hopper

ISERCO offers a wide range of bag emptiers. Some emptying stations can accommodate the 2 forms of containers: Big Bag and bag.
This station allows big bags and bags to be emptied independently in the same hopper. It can be a buffer hopper, equipped with a flat-bottomed extractor avoiding any phenomenon of vaulting, while eliminating the product clods.
The bag emptying hopper is placed below the vibrating hopper but is isolated from it in order to avoid resonance.

The main benefit of the big bag emptying station with the integration of a bag emptying hopper is certainly the fact that it is a 2 in 1 equipment. It allows emptying big bags and bags at the same time without the need of 2 separate devices for these emptying operations.