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Automatic big bag unhookinground forks ISERCO

Automatic big bag unhooking

Automatic big bag unhooking

The automatic Big Bag unhooking system is made up of 4 hooks that open when the Big Bag is filled. This system works by means of pneumatic cylinders located on each hook.

At the end of filling, the big bag is automatically unhooked without any operator intervention. The extension table is then returned to its original position.

The hooks have an estimated load capacity of 625 kg each and their working pressure is 6 bar.

Iserco Buffer hopperIserco Buffer hopper

Buffer hopper

Buffer hopper

The buffer hopper is a container designed to store material (powder, granules, bulk…) awaiting conditioning or transformation. This hopper is usually weighed or equipped with level probes (low and high).
It is used as an intermediary between the upper and lower parts of the Big Bag station.

The buffer hopper can be integrated into a filling station or a big bag emptying station.

stainless steel clean connect for big bag fillingbig bag emptying station with clean connect iserco

Clean Connect

Clean Connect

The Clean Connect is a dust-proofing system by clamps the spout, which makes the emission of fine particles impossible and prevents product loss. This action is executed manually by the operator.

It has been developed to improve the sealing of your Big-bag emptying or filling operations. It avoids internal and external contamination.

Iserco Lifting cross-memberIserco Lifting cross-member


Cross-member / Lifting cross-member

A cross-member is used to handle the big bag. It is associated with a hoist in order to ensure the lifting of the big bag. It has handles allowing to hook and unhook the big bag at the emptying station without difficulty. It is lifted with a hoist or an elevator truck.

A cross-member generally has :

  • a zone of hooking of the straps big bag
  • gas cylinders
  • a carriage fork passage system
  • a central socket for hoist attachment
  • a frame for installation on the structure.

We propose classic cross-member and lifting cross-member. They have a lifting capacity from 500 to 2000 kg.

The lifting cross-member is dimensioned to obtain a defined maximum extension.

The purpose of the cross-member is to support a Big-Bag with an automatic lifting at the end of emptying, to keep the Big-Bag in extension without external handling.

Densification table by ISERCOtable-densificatrice-inox-3D-iserco

Densification table

Densification table

The densification table ensures better product densification when filling the big bag. It avoids sloping and helps to stabilise the big bag on the pallet for transport.

In addition to this, the densification table guarantees deaeration and compaction of the product by vibration. The filling is carried out continuously and the big bag is subjected to vibration for 80% of the cycle time. At the end of the filling process, the operator only has to retrieve the big bag on a pallet with his forklift truck. The densification table has one or two unbalanced motors.

Our densification tables are generally made of carbon steel. However, it is also possible to make them in stainless steel.

The densification table is supplied fully mounted on its frame.

extension table ISERCOPreforming ventilator / Preshaping ventilator

Extension Table

Extension Table

The extension table ensures the good stability of the Big Bag on its pallet. It allows to optimise the filling of the Big Bag.

The extension table is composed of one or two pneumatic cylinders. When the big bag is hung (empty), the apron is in a high position. As the big bag is filled, the apron is lowered to allow the big bag to rest on its pallet. This adjustment is done automatically by means of a pressure relief valve. During the unloading phase, the pallet is removed by means of an electric cart. Our system is equipped with control allowing the rise or the lowering of the mobile apron during the loading or unloading phases of the big bag.

The cylinders can be replaced by one or two gas cylinders. They allow maintaining an ideal tension of the big bag ears during the filling phase to guarantee excellent stability of the big bag on its pallet. Indeed, at the beginning of the filling phase, the big bag will be extended to optimize the filling at the bottom of the big bag. From a certain weight, the big bag will progressively be placed on the pallet.

Bigbag Filling headBig bag filling

Filling head

Filling head

Dual stream spout – Clean Connect

It allows safe filling of the big bag with the incorporation of a big bag degassing system. It is equipped with a dust extraction connection. After pre-inflating the Big Bag, the dual stream spout allows the release of the air contained in the Big Bag during filling. It is also available in a telescopic version.

The dual stream spout can also be a Clean Connect.

u forks ISERCOround forks ISERCO

Forks (U type and round)

U type forks and round forks

A big bag filling station is composed of two forks. They allow the holding of the big bag during its filling.

The U-type forks are designed for a withdrawal of the Big Bag by the handles. It allows to remove it easily with a forklift. With these, it is possible to slide the forks of the forklift to recover the big bag at the end of the filling.

The round forks are designed for the removal of the Big Bag by pallet using a forklift or a pallet truck.

The U type and round forks are adjustable in height and width.

Iserco HoistIserco Hoist


Electric / pneumatic / manual hoist

For a big bag emptying station, we propose several types of hoists to facilitate handling. There are electric, pneumatic, and manual hoists.

The electric chain hoists are manufactured according to the EC directives for machines and in accordance with the accident prevention regulations. They operate with a cylindrical rotor motor.

A hoist is used for handling the big bag. In most cases, the hoist is attached to a monorail. It is equipped with a hook connected to a lifting chain allowing to choose the height when moving the big bag.

Iserco Hydraulic massageIserco Hydraulic massage bulk products

Hydraulic massage

Hydraulic massage

Hydraulic massage is a system for optimising the flow of powders that are difficult to extract. It is recommended for big bags taken in bulk.

It is made up of hydraulic cylinders, large in size and implanted in the lower part of the big bag, which break the vaults and break the mass. Each cylinder is actuated by a piston, providing the necessary force to crush the highly agglomerated products.

It has ram plate ribs that provide a powerful point load, evenly distributed over the edge of the big bag, to break the blocks into small pieces. The conical top and bottom ends prevent damage or even tearing of the Big Bag during the compaction phase.

Iserco Inflatable sealing ringIserco Inflatable sealing ring

Inflatable sealing ring

Inflatable sealing ring

The sealing during the filling of the big bags is essential, whatever the domain of application. Depending on the storage, transport, and emptying conditions, external contamination of a product is difficult to avoid. The solution exists to solve this problem, the inflatable sealing ring.

It is a holding belt intended for the big bag filling spout on the feeding head. It is necessary to guarantee a perfect seal during the filling of the big bag.

The inflatable ring allows sealing by pinching the big bag liner. When closing, the gasket is completely fitted to the big bag filling spout.

The whole unit is adjustable in height with the action of a hydraulic cylinder, which allows it to adapt to many types and lengths of bags.

iserclose in steelstainless steal iserclose



The Iserclose allows a partial emptying of the big bag. It is positioned under the vibrated hopper in order to stop the flow of the big bag emptying.

It is composed of pinching forks, 2 double-acting pneumatic cylinders operating symmetrically, and fixing flanges.

This system facilitates the closing of the big-bag outlet sleeve.

Iserco Pneumatic massage

Pneumatic massage

Pneumatic massage

Pneumatic massage is used to optimize the flow of products contained in big bags, which are difficult to extract. It is recommended for pulverulent products.

The big bag massage system intervenes in addition to the vibration of the bag emptying hopper when the product has too many flow difficulties to be emptied correctly by the only action of the vibrating motor. Clods of product can form at the outlet of the big bag, and thus stop any possibility of emptying. The action of the massage cylinders is to break the cohesion and to force the product towards the exit of the big bag to evacuate the agglomerates which were formed there. This device should not be used alone, for an optimal result, the actions of vibration and massage must be combined.

There are two forms of pneumatic massage. One is composed of a massage from below with cylinders positioned under the massage paddles. The other is a lateral massage with cylinders located on both sides of the big bag.

Pyramidal knives for big bag

Pyramidal knives

Pyramidal knives

Pyramidal knives are associated with big bag emptying stations. They allow to rip open the big bag bottom. They are intended for big bags with a lost bottom. They are integrated into the vibrated hopper.

For more resistance and to prevent them from deteriorating at high speed, the pyramidal knives are preferably made of carbon steel. The steel is protected with rustproof paint.

Ventilateur préformage remplissage big bagVentilateur préformage remplissage big bag



The pre-shaping ventilator ensures the shaping of the Big Bag before it is filled.

This system facilitates the filling of Big Bags.

The pre-shaping of the big bag is done using outside air, which is then blown inside the big bag by a centrifugal ventilator. In cases where the product to be conditioned in the big bag must avoid contamination, it is advisable to add a box containing filters upstream of the pre-shaping ventilator. The air sucked in by the ventilator is then purified by this filter box. The filtered air is then redirected to the big bag shaping before filling.

Iserco Vibrated hopper

Vibrated hopper

Vibrated hopper

The vibrating hopper is a part associated with the bag emptier. Its purpose is to facilitate the extraction of products with low flowability by means of vibration. It is activated by one or two vibration motors. It is placed on 4 silent blocks. The role of the silent blocks is to absorb the vibrations of the moving hopper. It is also equipped with a dust exhaust connection to evacuate the dust during the flow phase.

The vibrating hopper is usually combined with an unlacing box. This allows the operator to unlace the bags in a “closed” and therefore cleaner environment.

It can be manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel.