Sublimotion process made in ISERCO by MP2S

A new surface treatment

The continuous search for improvement of our products has led us to think about the use of a new process for treating stainless steel surfaces. Known as Sublimotion-process®, it allows us to obtain a much improved flatness which facilitates the flow of products and the cleaning of the equipment.

A patented technology

The SUBLIMOTION-process® is an innovative surface treatment that provides optimal conditioning and decontamination of stainless steel parts. It is a treatment consisting of an aqueous solution and an abrasive mixture with inert microparticles. It is a durable and ecological alternative for all stainless steels.

The surface treatment of stainless steels by SUBLIMOTION-process® is mineral and natural. It offers a perfect cleanability to the material. It is also an antimicrobial treatment. It brings to the treated part a reinforced resistance to corrosion.

SUBLIMOTION-process® is particularly suitable for stainless steel parts in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and many other sectors. It can also be used in the plastics industry for the cleaning of molds.

MP2S Sublimotion Process by iserco

ISERCO founded the company MP2S (Mineral Pickling Stainless Steel), in order to offer a service of stainless steel surface treatment by SUBLIMOTION-process®.

Surface treatment of stainless steel by sublimotion process
Stainless steel treatment with Sublimotion Process®-
Stainless steel treatment with Sublimotion Process®
Treatment of stainless steel Archemedean screw with the Sublimotion Process®

Many stainless steel parts integrated in ISERCO equipment can be treated by the Sublimotion Process®. Our sales department is at your disposal to guide you in your choice.