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A mastered technology

ISERCO offers a wide range of industrial manufacturing bin activators with innovative features. The bin activator allows the extraction
of powders in silos. It’s composed of a carbon or stainless steel cone, of a connection sleeve held between counter-flanges, of hangers and of 1 or 2 unbalanced motors.

Why choose an ISERCO bin activator?

The industrial revolution has led companies to store their finished products or raw materials in vertical silos. Cereals have always been
extracted without assistance. However, the fine powders, such cohesive flours or metal oxides, refused to come out of the silo without manual

In 1963, Richard Wahl Sr., President of the Company VIBRA SCREW, filed patent “Bin Activator”. The bin activator, suspended under a
silo and assisted by vibration, allows the extraction of difficult flowing powders without human action.

Since its creation, ISERCO specialized in mass production of bin activators, big bag fillers and unloaders , carbon and stainless steel, exported all over the world. The bin activator is the essential extractor for your storage silos.

Made in France

Our wide range of products makes it possible to build the most suitable equipment for your application in your field of activity

The benefits of bin activator

  • It consumes less energy per extracted ton.
  • It is silent
  • It ensures a regular extraction
  • It reduces the vertical storage space
  • Its maintenance cost is negligible
  • Its operation is part of an automatic process
  • Inexpensive because of its standard manufacturing
  • It does not require external assistance (air intake)
  • It is a modular design allowing customization (in shape and

Stainless steel bin activators are manufactured in a “specific” workshop

The essential extractor for your storage silos

When it comes to non-cohesive solids, the bin activator provides the following benefits:
• A vertical space saving,
• An homogeneous extraction, approaching mass-flow

If your products are cohesive, on top of the benefits listed above, the bin
activator will:
• Avoid the creation of bridging by positioning geometrically over the theoretical construction of the latter
• Avoid the creation of chimneys by balancing the course of particle positioned in the middle or at the periphery of the silo
• Avoid collapsing by having a more symmetrical outflow
• Dissociating the frictional forces which bind the particles together, passing them from the friction state to the sliding state, the bin activator is essential when it comes to power a process (weighing, dosing, pneumatic conveying etc.)

A little bit of technique…

Our standard range of bin activators varies from diameter 450-4500 mm. In the same way, output diameters range from 150 to 600 mm. Different diameters on request.

  • We work carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Our carbon steel bin activators are shot blast and then painted. We offer a wide range of different types of paint (choice of RAL n°, food grade paint etc.)
  • Our stainless steel bin activators can be either glass bead blasted inside and outside. A wide range of polishing can be provided.
  • Each bin activator design depends on the product, its environment, its storage type.
  • Each bin activator is custom designed. A wide range of baffle is available (primary baffle, fluidized baffle etc.)

Our know-how enables us to manufacture a variety of special bin activators: square bin activators, bin activators in panels (adapted when their difficult installation requires) and bin activators with several outlets.