Station de remplissage big bag
1. ventilateurde préformage 2. piquage d’aspiration. 3. Goulotte de remplissage 4. Système de décrochage automatique 5. Mise en extension du tablier 6. Table densificatrice 7. Système de pesage
Station de vidange big bag
1. Châssis avec monorail et Palan 2. Palonnier de mise en extension 3. Iserclose de religature de la sache dans le cas de vidange partielle 4. Porte étanche de délaçage du Big Bag 5. Transport de liaison

Bigbag station

The big bag emptying stations are used for the regular and controlled extraction of difficult flowing powders contained in big bags. ISERCO has developed filling and emptying stations to find solutions to business needs. The ISERCO stations enable conditioning or deconditioning big bags ergonomically

Why choose an ISERCO big bag station?

We are able to adapt our full range of filling and emptying equipment to meet the specific needs of users of flexible containers. We pay special attention to this equipment to facilitate and secure handling.

Made in France

Our wide range of products makes it possible to build the most suitable equipment for your application in your field of activity

The benefits of big bag solutions

The ISERCO emptying / filling systems ensure a regular and controlled filling or emptying.

  • Safe and ergonomic for the user
  • Adaptable to different sizes of big bags (GRVS, FIBS, super sack, jumbo bag, bulk bag, bag)
  • Optimizes business productivity
  • Delivered customized and adapted to your production process and your customer
  • Inexpensive and its maintenance cost is negligible

Emptying the bags

Trémie vide-sac IsercoWe offer a wide range of bag emptying. Some of the stations can be appropriate for 2 sizes: Big Bag or bag.
This station allows the big bag and bag emptying independently in a same hopper. This hopper is equipped with a flat-bottom extractor avoiding any
phenomenon of bridging, while eliminating the clods of product.