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Conveying by Archimedean screw

The types of powders require many years of experienceto transport them through this process.

Composed of a tubular sheath or trough, the Archimedean screw conveyors may be equipped, as required, shaft screw, rotor with
full turns, ribbon turns, pallet turns or thread less spiral screw.

Why choose an ISERCO screw conveyor?

Each project is unique, ISERCO offers a global service.

Our Archimedean screw conveyors are specially adapted to transport, extracting and dosing of dry bulk products, non-volatile, and come with many options and variations according to the type of products and the working environment.

Made in France

Our wide range of products makes it possible to build the most suitable equipment for your application in your field of activity

The benefits of Achimedian Screw

The screw conveyor systems offered by ISERCO have many advantages and can be integrated into complete chains:

  • Reliable equipment
  • Simple design
  • Minimal wear
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • High efficiency

The Archimedean screw allows the transfer of powders or pellets from point A to point B. This transfer can also be vertical with limited inclinations at 45°.

The screw length will essentially depend on their diameters. ISERCO screws start from Ø 20 mm with 500 mm up to 800 mm length. They can be up to 10 m long (without intermediate bearing).

Since Greek antiquity…

Its conception is very old (Archimedes, born around 287 B.C. and died in 212 B.C.), but the Archimedes screw is an extremely complex mechanical element and works “full powder”.

In some configurations, the screws meet the ATEX and Food Contact criterion. When the screws are inclined, it is better that their moto reduction group is placed at the head, so that the shaft turns working in extension. The screws which operate on the principle of relative friction between the trough and the shafts inevitably undergo some form of wear.

The latter being unavoidable, this leads to screws made of stainless steel. ISERCO limit the shafts rotation speeds to increase their lifetime.
The ISERCO design of ARCHIMEDEAN screws minimizes any mechanical component in the product. Thus, the intermediate bearings do not exist in our products.