High-tech equipment

One of ISERCO’s particularities is that it has developed a complete high-performance industrial tool in-house, enabling it to offer you high-quality equipment.

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3D scanner

We have a FARO® FOCUS 3D scanner. This device allows us to carry out high-precision measurements and to better visualize the future industrial installations that will be implemented on site. It is a precious help for the conception of the equipment by the engineering department.

In some cases, our engineering department performs an on-site audit, taking measurements and scanning the location of the future installation.

This 3D scan saves time by taking quick and accurate measurements. It is suitable for even the most complex spaces. Moreover, the data recovered by the device are automatically processed in a software for our engineering department.

Laser cutting

A Co2 laser cutting machine BYSTRONIC BYSPRINT 4020. This machine cuts multiple pieces of steel in a single sheet. It is able to cut perfectly all thicknesses of carbon steel and stainless steel sheets..

Bending / Rolling machine

We have a BYSTRONIC bending machine which offers a rigorous and clean bending of steel sheets.

Our industrial park also includes HACO rollers that allow easy and fast rolling of steel parts, thus reducing the production time of our equipment.


FRONIUS TPS 320i welding stations are used in the steel and stainless steel workshops. They allow the use of a semi-automatic MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding system. The advantages of this method include fast welding, limited sheet deformation and the ability to weld many sheet thicknesses.

The control of our process

Our factory in Gondecourt concentrates important means,
all intended to obtain high quality products, meeting the requirements of our customers in France and throughout the world.

ISERCO steel workshop
The painting process at Iserco
bending machine, ISERCO

Find the major bulk handling equipments from the ISERCO catalogue for your silos, bigbags and bags. Choose what You want to do and let you guide in our products and accessories catalogue. Our major equipments are manufactured in our factory based in Gondecourt, an industrial tool adapted to Your needs.