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Iserco Volumetric dosingIserco Volumetric dosing

Volumetric dosing

Depending on the production requirements, it is necessary to dose the product when emptying or filling the big bag. Volumetric dosing is one of the methods used to measure the desired amount of product.
This type of dosing can be carried out using an Archimedean screw. Indeed, beyond its transport function, it allows making volumetric dosing of the product thanks to a continuous supply of product in the screw. This is measured according to the number of rotations performed and the running time of the screw (time is calculated in seconds or minutes).

The control of the rotation speed of the screw also allows to temper the filling or emptying of the product.
Our engineering department designs conveyors that can carry all types of bulk products in all directions. Their functionalities also allow to extract, transport, and dose these products according to your needs, your environments, and your production requirements.

The volumetric dosing of a product is also possible with the integration of a level probe placed in a hopper. A valve is placed between the screw and the hopper.

The operation of volumetric dosing with a level probe is simple. The probe is simply placed in the hopper. When the product reaches the probe, an electrical contact occurs. The probe sends the information to the electrical cabinet, which will ask the screw to stop. The valve closes first, to give the screw time to stop completely.

Before volumetric dosing, it is important to go through a calibration step in order to determine how much product is contained in the batch.

Although not very accurate, volumetric dosing has two main advantages: it is inexpensive and faster to perform than weight dosing.

Iserco Weight dosing

Weight dosing

The weight dosing can be measured according to the weight loss, or according to the weight gained by the big bag during its emptying or filling.
More precise than volumetric dosing, weight dosing requires the installation of a weighing chain to be realized.
The weighing chain consists of :

  • 4 load cells located on the emptying or big bag filling station
  • A connection box
  • A display of the weight in kg
  • An electrical cabinet with buttons on the front or with an integrated HMI acting as a control screen.

This chain can be controlled by an automaton. The role of the HMI is to send information to the automaton concerning the desired target weight. Once this target weight is reached, the machine stops.

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) integrated into our electrical cabinets has many benefits such as :

  • The possibility of easy and quick control and adjustment
  • Better visibility on the current operation (emptying/filling)
  • increase in productivity
  • automatic stop in case of anomaly (safe)
  • improved ergonomics
  • An HMI is integrated into the big bag emptying stations and big bag filling stations.

The programs contained in the HMI are installed by our automation specialists.

Weight dosing is also possible with a weighing hoist.
This system can give weight with commercial or non-commercial precision.