Buffer hopper

Buffer hopper

The buffer hopper is a container designed to store material (powder, granules, bulk…) awaiting conditioning or transformation. This container is generally weighed or equipped with level probes (low and high).
It is used as an intermediary between the upper and lower part of the big bag station.

The buffer hopper can be integrated into a filling station or a big bag emptying station.


It can be equipped with a bin activator. When a product spends time in a buffer hopper, it may gain mass with moisture or heat. The time the product spends in the buffer hopper is called “residence time”.

The buffer hopper has several benefits, among them we can mention :

  • That it offers a better product dosage at the entrance or exit of big bag.
  • That it facilitates the control of the flow of the product by reducing its speed.
  • That it allows to increase the output during the filling or emptying of the big bag.
  • It allows friction control in ATEX zone, thus guaranteeing a safer extraction.

The buffer hopper can be made in carbon steel or stainless steel as required”.