Filling station filling rate + (up to 15 big bags per hour)

Filling station filling rate + (up to 15 big bags per hour)

ISERCO offers a wide range of big bag filling stations to ensure the conditioning of powders in semi-bulks.

Our complete range of filling equipment is adapted to meet the specific needs of different industries.

This equipment is designed and manufactured to facilitate and secure handling.

A Big Bag filling station has multiple benefits:

  • It ensures a regular and controlled filling
  • It is safe and ergonomic for the user
  • It is adaptable to different sizes of Big Bags (FIBC, FIBS, super sack, jumbo bag, bulk bag, bag)
  • It allows optimizing the productivity of the company
  • It is inexpensive and its maintenance cost is negligible

We produce manual and semi-automatic big bag filling stations.

Our big bag filling stations are custom designed.

For a maximum filling rate of 15 big bags per hour, we recommend a station composed of the following elements:

  • A galvanized steel or stainless steel frame
  • A filling head (Dual stream spout or Clean-Connect)
  • An apron for an extension by means of a cylinder or a gas cylinder.
  • Arms to hang the Big Bag on the filling station
  • A densification table
  • A weighing system (commercial or non-commercial weighing)

We propose manual or semi-automatic emptying stations for this type of rate. A filling station is said to be semi-automatic when the operator puts the big bag in place manually before starting the machine.

Our machines are delivered fully assembled.


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