Lump-breaker with quick disassembly

Lump-breaker with quick disassembly

The lump breaker is used to reduce the particle size of products that tend to form lumps. The lump breaker allows the product to be fluidized.

The lump breaker is integrated under the sealing and pre-transport system.
It is available in different sizes, from the diameter of 300 to the diameter of 550 mm and it can process a large quantity of product.

This lump breaker can be partially or totally disassembled for quick access to the shafts for cleaning. Thus, the inside of the lump breaker can be completely cleaned without having to dismantle the whole unit. The primary and secondary shafts are accessible via the dismantling flange. In the same way, the seals can be changed without having to disassemble the entire system.

This device is particularly appreciated by the food industry which is governed by hygiene standards to be respected.

A quick disassembly is an option for lump-breakers with a simple and double crushing shaft.