Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is a fast transfer system, capable of conveying high product flow rates.
Its structure can be made of galvanized steel or carbon steel.

It is generally made up of:

  • a rubber belt (smooth, rough…)
  • rolls
  • a drive drum
  • a motor and a reducer with a frequency inverter

The unit can be enclosed and have a trap door for inspection.
Belt conveyors are available in various lengths and widths.
Installed horizontally or in an inclined position, it can be easily integrated into many production site configurations.
Its functioning is uncomplicated, and its maintenance is fast.
It requires only a low amount of energy to operate because the system has a low voltage.

It is a robust powder conveying system that is easy to maintain and replace damaged parts quickly.



The belt conveyor is built with solid materials, which makes it equipment capable of supporting heavy loads and abrasive products. However, although the belt conveyor can carry all kinds of products, it is more suitable for lighter loads.

The belt conveyor has many benefits, such as:

  • The ability to transport a product over long distances
  • a fluid transport of bulk products
  • it is silent
  • it increases productivity

The installation of a belt conveyor is particularly suitable in production areas or product storage areas.
The functioning principle of this type of conveyor is simple. It consists of running a conveyor belt on a sliding floor. This belt is set in motion by a drive drum that brings the product to its drop point.

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