Trough screw

Trough Screw

Upstream or downstream of the storage, the transport of powders may be provided by an Archimedean screw conveyor. With high experience, ISERCO develops and manufactures the device in direct connection with the storage of bulk.

The Archimedean screw allows the transfer of powders or pellets from point A to point B. This transfer can also be vertical with limited inclinations at 45 °.

Unlike a tubular screw, the trough screw allows the installation of a cover on top. This provides easy access to the inside of the sheath which simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the screw.

Archimedean screws are usually made of stainless steel but can also be made of galvanized steel.



Archimedean screws are custom made and adapted to each project.

The trough screw has multiple benefits:

  • Easy access to the inside of the screw
  • High efficiency
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Minimum wear

Our Archimedean screw conveyors are specially adapted to transport, extract, and dosing of dry bulk products, non-volatile. The many options available allow the Archimedean screw to be adapted to the type of products and the working environment. For example, in certain configurations, the screws meet the ATEX standard and the foodstuff criterion.

A trough screw is primarily composed of :

  • A spiral
  • A trough-shaped casing with direct access to the screw
  • A shaft with spiral
  • A rotor

According to the needs, the screw can be equipped with other elements in order to perfectly suit the type of product and the production process.

The screw length will essentially depend on their diameters. ISERCO screws start from Ø 20 mm with 500 mm up to 800 mm in length. They can be up to 10 m long (without intermediate bearing).

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