Tubular Screw

Tubular screw

ISERCO designs custom-made Archimedean screws adapted to each project.

An Archimedean screw allows the transfer of powders or granules from point A to point B. A transfer that can be vertical with an inclination of the Archimedean screw limited to 45°.

The screws can be installed under storage silos, Big Bag emptying stations, or bag emptying hoppers.

Archimedean screws are generally made of stainless steel but can also be made of galvanized steel.

The tubular screws can be equipped, according to the needs, with solid spiral rotors, ribbon spiral rotors, pallet spiral rotors, or core threads.

A tubular screw has several benefits:

  • Simple design
  • Minimal wear
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • High efficiency


The operation of a tubular screw is based on the difference between friction and sliding. The product rubs inside the tube while it slides on the spiral. The friction being superior to the slip, the product moves linearly.

Our Archimedean screw conveyors are specially adapted to transport, extract and dosing of dry bulk products, non-volatile, and come with many options and variations according to the type of products and the working environment.

A tubular Archimedean screw is mainly composed of :

  • A tubular casing in which a spiral is located
  • A shaft with a spiral
  • A rotor

The screw length will essentially depend on their diameters. ISERCO screws start from Ø 20 mm with 500 mm up to 800 mm in length. They can be up to 10 m long (without intermediate bearing).

In some configurations, the screws meet the ATEX and Food Contact criteria.

The ISERCO design of Archimedean screws minimizes any mechanical component in the product. Thus, the intermediate bearings do not exist in our products.

Screws can be used in very high temperatures justifying external cooling (water jacket)