ISERCO intervened in a company in the food industry to replace two old bag emptying hoppers.

These hoppers allow the transfer of the raw material to a mixer.

The proposed solution

Except for the standards imposed in the food industry, there were no specific constraints for this project. Flour and dried fruits are products that do not encounter many difficulties in extraction.

The bag emptying hoppers are made of stainless steel 304L special for food and include:

  • A circular hopper allows the elimination of product retention in the corners of conventional square hoppers.
  • Slots for handling the bag emptying hoppers by forklift.
  • Handling wheels
  • A suction to evacuate the dust.
  • An electro-pneumatic register valve.
  • A U-type sealing strip that is certified to meet food standards.
  • A cone vibrated by an unbalanced motor for easy products flow.
  • 4 silent blocks to absorb the vibrations of the hoppers when they are in operation.
  • An access door with two gas cylinders and two safety clamps to prevent the door from closing suddenly. This door also has an inductive safety sensor to detect the opening or closing of the door.
  • A bag emptying chamber with several removable grids of different mesh sizes.
  • A system for connecting the bag emptying hoppers to the existing operating process.
  • A guillotine valve which, in the open position, allows the product to pass from the hopper to the mixer.

The whole equipment was installed by the Iserco team.

Bulk information

  • Type of industry: Food industry
  • Product : Flour and dried fruits
  • Packaging : Bag