ISERCO offers custom solutions for end-users and integrator clients.

The big bag emptying system presented here is intended for a regular ISERCO (systems) integrator client, specializing in the supply of equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The purposed solution

The main constraint of this project is the lack of precise information available on the end customer and the product to be emptied. Nevertheless, discussions with the integrator customer have resulted in an emptying station that meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical sector.

This is an emptying station made entirely of stainless steel. It is on a mobile base frame with 4 height-adjustable feet.

This emptying system integrates 3 optional equipment with very specific functions. It consists of 2 pneumatic massage paddles, an ISERCLOSE and a Clean Connect ISERCO.

The first optional equipment integrated in this installation is a pneumatic massage system. It assists in the extraction of difficult flowing powders when clumps of product are formed. This can clog the bag and stop any possibility of emptying. The action of the massage cylinders will break the cohesion and force the product out of the big bag and evacuate the agglomerates formed. This device should not be used alone, for an optimal result, the vibration and massage actions should be combined.

The second piece of equipment of this emptying station is an ISERCLOSE.  It allows a partial emptying of the big bag. It facilitates the closing of the big bag outlet sleeve. This device “pinches” the big bag outlet bag by the action of 2 cylinders, which makes it possible to reduce the outlet diameter until emptying is completely stopped and the bag is closed. This ISERCLOSE has a pneumatic control.

The third equipment of for this installation is a CLEAN CONNECT double skin emptying system. This system guarantees an excellent seal to the big bag during emptying, which is perfectly suited for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This Clean Connect has a few special features. Firstly, it has a tight lid with internal/external threaded connections. It allows a total containment when the Clean Connect is not in use. The lid is used to limit the risk of contaminating the product. The Clean Connect is also equipped with a curved nozzle with a spout and 4 wash nozzles to optimize the cleaning of the equipment.

clean connect de vidange big bag ISERCLOSE

This emptying system is supplied with material and FDA certification.

Bulk information

  • Type of industry: Pharmaceutical or chemical