A regular ISERCO client wanted to acquire 2 bin activators with a diameter of 2700 and 5 outlets. These will be used for the extraction of crystal sugar stored in silos in a factory located in Indonesia.

It is not the first time that ISERCO has produced a 5-outlet bin activator. Nevertheless, these are the first ones whose 5 outlets will not work at the same time. The central outlet will only be activated once a year. Therefore, a removable plug has been added to block the inlet when it is not in use.

The crystal sugar extracted from the silos will be conveyed to dissolving tanks by means of transfer screws. These operate both continuously and alternately.

The 2 Bin activators

They are bin activators BINATEX 21, made entirely of stainless steel. They are perfectly suited for ATEX zones 21 and 22.

The BINATEX 21 is necessarily in this case, because the crystal sugar can be explosive. A dust cloud can be created if the product flows too fast. This causes static electricity, which is a source of explosion. The interior of BINATEX has no elements that could trigger an inflammation. In addition, the motors used with these bin activators are ATEX, which limits the risk of explosion.

Finally, the BINATEX 21 is particularly appreciated when it’s necessary to feed a process (weighing, dosing, pneumatic transport…).

Each bien activator with 5 outlets is composed:

  • Of Inclined outlets that have been transformed
  • Of a U-shaped EPDM/URA sealing strip. It is positioned between stainless steel counter-flanges. It is resistant to an overpressure of 2 bars and is conductive.
  • Of a stainless steel silo flange
  • Of 24 CAO96 suspensions
  • Of 2 ATEX 21 motors
  • A 15° welded deflector and a leading cone
  • A poke hole located in each outlet. It allows manual intervention inside the bin activator when the latter is loaded.
  • Each outlet is equipped with a ferrule to limit the risk of friction and explosion.
  • A grounding pin holder under each ferrule.
  • Flat copper ground braids
  • And a firm plate

The inside welds of its bin activators are polished Ra <0.8.

As for the stainless steel surface treatment, the exterior is first bead blasted. Then, the interior and exterior are treated by SUBLIMOTION-process®. This allows for a smoothing of the bead blasting and a gain of 0.2 Ra.

Bulk Information

  • Industry: Food industry
  • Product: Crystal sugar
  • Product density: 0,88
  • Flow rate capacity per outlet: 20T/h
  • Conditioning: silo
  • Silo diameter: 3820 mm
  • Silo height: 16 m
  • Silo storage capacity: 170m³