A regular Iserco customer specializing in the manufacture of asphalt mixes turned to Iserco to find a solution to a problem of extraction from a silo containing fillers. This silo is connected to a transfer screw that feeds a mixer for the manufacture of asphalt.

The customer had another request, he had 2 deteriorated transfer screws. The more damaged of the two needed to be replaced while the other needed to be repaired.

The proposed solution

To solve the extraction problems of the silo, Iserco has designed and manufactured a rectangular steel bin activator.

The two transfer screws to be repaired or replaced are tubular and made of steel.

The rectangular steel bin activator

The customer’s filler silo bottom required some repairs and modifications before installing the bin activator.

It is a bin activator of 1000 x 2000 mm in size and consists of:

  • A steel adapter to transform the originally round bin activator into a rectangular shape to fit the customer’s silo.
  • A welded deflector that returns the vibrations to the product, allowing its extraction by the outlet cone of the bin activator.
  • An EPDM sealing strip to guarantee no product loss during extraction.
  • A silo flange with a hopper spout. The silo flange is welded to the silo. It is protected with heat-weldable and rustproof paint. The hopper spout diverts the product and prevents direct contact with the sealing belt. The product extracted from the silo is abrasive and can wear out the belt quickly.
  • Suspensions that have the role of absorbing the filtration of the, and do not generate vibrations in the silo.
  • Two unbalanced motors generate enough power to vibrate the rectangular steel bin activator. The latter is massive.
  • A manual emergency slide plate to isolate the bin activator when maintenance is required.
  • Dust exhaust connection with an electro-pneumatic butterfly valve.
  • A Poke hole, which is used to perform tasks inside the bin activator, when the latter is loaded.
  • And an electro-pneumatic butterfly valve DN350 with mechanical limit switches.

The transfer screws

Iserco was also responsible for refurbishing an existing screw and modifying its length. The customer also needed a second transfer screw to replace one that was worn out.

The replacement transfer screw is a DN400 steel tubular screw with a length of 3000 mm. The spiral is robust since it has a thickness of 10 mm to better resist wear due to the abrasiveness of the product.

This screw is equipped with a 5.5kW direct drive gear motor and a pressurized cable gland.

The screw is supported by a steel frame. A hopper adapter is also present, so that the product can be transferred to the existing buffer hopper before the mixing stage.

Bulk information

  • Industry type: Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
  • Product: Fillers
  • Conditioning: silo
  • Product density: 2,7 kg/L
  • Required flow: 58 tons/hour.